Salvia 10"-12" (red)
Salvia 10"-12" (red)
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Salvia 10"-12" (red)

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Blooms of most salvia plants are long lasting and attract butterflies and pollinators, which are always good for the garden. Salvia plant types may be annual or perennial, most are rapid growers and tolerate summer heat with more graceful, spiky blooms.

Requirements with watering, as with growing, varies among the different salvias, but most prefer to dry out between waterings to ½ an inch deep. Fertilization with a time-release plant food encourages growth and more flowering spikes. Salvias flower on spiky racemes or panicles rising above the plant. When blooms are spent, remove these spikes to encourage additional flowering. If the salvia plant begins to look tired or overgrown by midsummer, you can also remove one third of the plant. Salvia plants will regrow and reward you with blooms that last until autumn.

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