Annual Shrine Dads' Club flower sale.
Annual Shrine Dads' Club flower sale.
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📌📌📌 Flower sale has ended, Pickup Saturday May 18th 9-1 📅 📌📌📌

Grower confirmed all orders placed by the 20th and all flowers still listed on the sale site are available for a May 18th pickup.

PICKUP May 18th


Saturday May 18th 9am-1pm

Shrine High school and Academy

3500 W 13 mile Rd.

Royal Oak, MI 48073


Our Flower Day Fundraiser:

The Shrine Dads' Club will provide you the hardiest and best plants available from our premier local grower and partner, Robson's Greenhouse. Our competitive prices are in line with the big box stores and your purchases may be tax deductible, (please consult your CPA).  The Dads' Club uses these funds to provide grants to the teachers, provide upgrades to the schools, help offset the cost of sports etc... Please help us by sharing our site to your friends, neighbors and family to make this event a huge success. THANK YOU!

📌📌REMINDER: Flowers must be picked up on Saturday May 18th from 9am to 1pm at the High School /Academy campus. 📌📌

Proud Founder and Sponsor of Shrine Flower Day

Our Grower and Partner:

Robson’s greenhouse (petunialand) was started in 1929 by Robert Robson. Robert and Floretta Robson owned and operated petunialand till 1987 at which time their youngest son Lynn and his wife Arleen bought the business and at that time changed the name to Robson’s Greenhouse.

Lynn and Arleen presently still own and run the greenhouses with their two sons Nick and Kevin, along with Nick's wife Kayla. The greenhouses have seen many changes over the years. From wooded frames with plastic roofs, dirt floors, and wooded flats on the floor. To new more efficient steel frames, double plastic walls, double plastic roofs,to cement floors, plastic flats, self watering benches and shopping carts, But one thing that has not changed is that we continue to sterilize our top soil with steam and mix top soil in our soil mixture. 

By doing that plants adapt to the soil in the garden much better and perform well in the garden. By putting topsoil mixture in our hanging baskets, and planters helps the consumer with the ability to keep their hanging baskets, and planters from drying out to fast.

If you would like more info on some of the flowers or need something we do not offer please check out thier website.